Different designs of fireplace of the living room

Different designs of fireplace of the living room

A beautifully decorated fireplace will be a perfect place to give the warm atmosphere in cold places or in cold weather. A lot of contemporary homes feature the fireplaces with beautiful and modern designs that increase the beauty of the living room enormously. They choose from the smooth streamlined to high finish designs. A fireplace in the living room devoid of a mantel looks open and bare. A well designed fireplace mantel helps to give the elegant look to the interior of your North Dallas apartments. Therefore, you are supposed to show some more interest to the fireplace mantel planning for the living room.

In the 12th century, fireplaces in Europe had beautiful huge chimneys and the architectural plans were habitually influenced by the designs of the Renaissance. The fireplace designs and its mantel designs usually depend on the design of the interiors of your apartment, the climatic circumstances as well as the occurrence of usage. Some most beautiful fireplace designs are carved with bricks and wood that have a conventional appeal. Different designs of the fireplace mantel are mentioned below that you can apply to increase the beauty of the living room of your apartment.

The Stone Mantel:

Stone mantels are usually little expensive, especially made of marble. This type of marble fireplace looks very beautiful and stylish and gives the charm and elegant look to a fireplace. You can beautify the mantel with different home decorative items and hand crafted materials. Slate rock and limestone mantels are relatively cheaper as compared with the marble mantels. Granite fireplaces mantels also look very attractive and gorgeous. You can also use the different other types of traditional stones to adorn the mantel.

The Wooden Mantel:

Wooden fireplace mantels also look very beautiful. A wooden mantel set off the fireplaces that have conventional furnishings. You can polish the wood with the same color as the furniture of the living room to match with the theme. Many modern designs have developed with the painted bamboo as the fireplace mantels. Wooden fireplace mantel is generally crafted with the barks of maple, oak, pine and cherry. They are quite economical than the other types.

The Firebrick Mantel:

Firebricks look prettily beautiful. They have countryside petition and the burnt touch of the firebricks really looks astonishingly beautiful. The bricks are obviously tanned which creates a different theme for your fireplace mantel. Firebrick mantels with the rustic arrangements are entirely traditional. Modern firebrick mantels are raised in to join up with a diversity of clay and stones.

These are the best designs to decorate the fireplace mantel. You can apply one of these designs to beautify the fireplace. Each design has its own value and worth. Choose the one that matches with your current theme.