Decorating walls of children bedrooms

Decorating walls of children bedrooms

Children bedroom decoration is a sensitive task. You always want to decorate the bedroom of your children with most beautiful designs. If you can afford, you can get the help of an expert to decide the best theme for the room of your children. If you want to decorate the bedrooms for the children in your North Dallas apartments by yourself then be ready to pay your full attention. Some suggestions for decorating the walls of the kid’s bedroom are mentioned below:

When we see the flying butterfly, words such as the beautiful and wonderful come to our mind. Therefore, butterfly wall art will be best suggestion for the bedroom of the baby girl.  You can paint the whole room with pink color. You can use the butterfly wall art with the pink color as well. To give some more attractive look, you can also draw the beautiful flowers around the flying butterflies. Instead of only using the pink color for all butterflies you may use the multicolor option to paint these butterflies. You can use the white or light yellow color for the walls in which you are going to draw the butterflies. It will be also a great idea to draw a big butterfly design in the center of the wall of the room. You can use the color of the rainbows for its wings to give some extra beauty. No matter what type of design you choose, the butterfly wall art will definitely help you to give the elegant look to your room.

Décor Tip: The table, chairs, sofas and other different items of decoration should be matched with the colors of the butterfly colors. You can use all the colors in the wings of the butterfly.

You can also write the children poems just like the “Twinkle Twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are…”. Each child is conscious about the picture of the poems so you can draw the images that show the poems’ scenes on the walls of the children bedroom. You can see the poem book for the beautiful and famous poems and also get the images from these poem books to draw on the walls. There are a lot of ways to draw the poems on the walls. You can write the different sentences of the poem with the different colors and draw the image of the sentence in front of the sentence. You can draw the blue sky and some little stars on the sky for the “Twinkle Twinkle” poem. You are supposed to draw the images on the walls that must describe the story of the poem so that the children may understand it well. This type of theme will also help you to teach your children.

Décor Tip: The colors for the walls should be selected such that the small stars appear brighter, and are not supposed to lose their shine.